Revision History:

A = Additions
B = Bugfixes
C = Changes

1.01ARemove spaces before empty tags (preference setting)
BRun time error 5, when filling MP3 from filename and the specification before or after * could not be found.
BTitleCase change: if the last character in the extention of the filename is one of the preferenced characters to be followed by an Uppercase char. the program will crash(e.g. "Test This.tx ")
CTyping error in Filename --> MP3 message box
1.00ADirectory case change
0.99hCFind field gets focus after Replace
CProgress bar only counts selected files not all files in directory
CUndo for last action
BNo question if no files are selected when pressing the delete files button
BRenaming file in root dir not possible because of error
ARoutines that handle file-rename from a text file.
AMP3 ID Edit
AMP3 ID change with filename
ARename File with MP3 ID
ACopy/Move files
ARename Files with MP3-TAG to .mp3
ARename Files from matrix
BReading from not ready drive no longer crashes program
0.99gCRename button default
BRenaming file but only change case not resulted in "file already exists"
AExtra Renamecheck added
BFind and Replace text only case change produced duplicate filenames (1)
BRun time error when only one file was present in a directory
0.99f  First version ever released to the public

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